Friday, January 31, 2014

Message from Superintendent Todd Gray about Cold Make-Up Days

A message from Todd Gray Superintendent 
We are planning three school make-up days on March 6 & 7 and May 23. We are required to make up three of the four missed days in January.  At this point DPI has not given us a waiver from making these days up, so we have no choice on the matter.  We picked these days because we have already lost four days in this quarter and we need to try and balance days in each quarter as much as possible for curriculum and course considerations.  Plus, two of the three days, staff would be here for staff development.
We have one other day (April 4) that we could use in lieu of March 6 or March 7 but we would still need one more day and we're certainly “not out of the woods” in terms of potential bad weather.  There is a strong likelihood that more days may need to be made up this school year.   We have had some very unexpected and unusual weather so far this year with historic temperature levels and a record number of cold days, with future predictions for lots of snow coming in February and March.
Adding these days to the end of the year would delay high school graduations by a full week, to June 21, as well as cause other year end issues.  The DPI allows us the option to use up to four Saturdays for make-up as opposed to extending the school year, but we do not want to go in that direction.
We understand that people have made trip plans during some of these days and we don’t expect people to change those plans.  If parents have a trip planned for those days, they can have their students excused like they normally would when they have a pre-planned trip during other school days, without any academic penalty, other than making up any missed work. We will do our best to work with all situations, but again, we are experiencing some very unusual weather this year and we would ask for your understanding.
For more information on this topic see the district website.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2013 Update

The Wonderful Whittier Wire
(published when needed!)
January 30, 2014

Parking - The signage is very clear in front of the school on East Ave., “No Standing, No Stopping, No .” Please be aware that every year, the police enforce this through ticketing. Parking in front of a school is actually a State Law.
  • I know parking is at a premium in our neighborhood and ask all families to park where it is legal and then either have your child know your meeting spot or for the younger students decide on a meeting point.
  • Police get called when buses are not able to pull up in front of school for drop off or pick up.
  • Also, please do not have your meeting spot in the parking lots, there are too many day-care vans and families needing to use the handicapped parking spaces for additional traffic. before and after school. Thank you for your attention to ensuring the safety of all students.

Do you have a little one planning on going to kindergarten next fall?? If you live in the Whittier attendance area, have a child who will be 5 years old by September 1, 2014 and will be attending kindergarten in the fall, please call our school office to give us enrollment information - 262-970-2805.

Weather Rules - We go outside unless the temperature or wind chill is zero or below. Thanks for making sure your child is dressed for the weather. A half sheet note should have come home with your child for a sledding party the students earned next week for earning 4,000 Whittier Wild cards! How fun is that?? Be sure to bundle them up on your sledding day!

Communicating via e-mail. Next week you will get a note home asking for an e-mail address and in some cases updated phone numbers. We are looking to be able to e-mail parents communications like these rather than sending home paper copiers and or LONG voice-mails from me. Look for it in next Thursday’s take home folder.

Waukesha One - Whittier will be a fully implemented Waukesha One School next fall. What does that mean? Currently our teachers have iPads and sets of iPads to learn how to use this tool for learning. Our students will all have 1:1 devices next fall. This is hugely exciting, but also going to be lots of work. Please check out the SDW website to learn more about Waukesha One.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ready Set Blog ...

Hello Whittier!

In an effort to communicate more directly with our Wonderful Whittier families, I've created a Blog. Learning as I go, so thanks for your patience. As a parent, if you have suggestions of what you would like me to share on our Whittier Blog, let me know. I'm open for suggestions.

So what is the purpose of our Wonderful Whittier Wire?
  • Communicate with Whittier families through technology, in addition to our notes and automated phone calls home.
  • Share and celebrate the happenings at Whittier with our family community and all those interested in our school!
  • Make announcements of upcoming events.
  • Share articles and information about how home can support school. 
  • Give families, who might be interested in attending Whittier school, a taste of the great things that happen everyday at our Wonderful Whittier.
Thanks for following, looking forward to this new communication adventure!!